How To Get The Most Out Of BugMD Zapville

You’re just a step away from enjoying the safest, most effective pest protection out there. Once you screw Zapville into any light socket, simply flip the switch to cycle through 3 modes:

  1. UV light lures-in mosquitoes, moths, flies, and more;
  2. Use the LED function for practical lighting purposes;
  3. Use both lights at the same time!

Once bugs get close, the 120 volt zapper fries them instantly.

Zapville “Do’s & Don’ts”

For Best Results


  • Screw Zapville into any standard light socket (Indoors & Out!)
  • Use Zapville as a regular light bulb AND a bug zapper
  • Remove gross bugs from the bulb with the included cleaning brush
  • Place in areas where flying bugs are frequently found


  • Use harsh chemical sprays containing DEET
  • Clean the device while in use
  • Allow children or pets to touch the electric grid
  • Let bugs be a nuisance

Here’s a few final tips to help you bug-free...

TIP 1:

Position Zapville away from competing light sources to zap as many flying bugs as possible

TIP 2:

Take Zapville with you on trips to keep any space bug-free

TIP 3:

When left on UV mode, Zapville doubles as an ambient night light

TIP 4:

Reach out to BugMD customer support for any and all questions!

TIP 5:

Reorder more Zapville bulbs right here, only from the official BugMD website.

TIP 6:

Check out other BugMD products like Zap Trap and Buzz Shield for extra protection.