How To Get The Most Out Of BugMD Zapville

You’re just a step away from enjoying the safest, most effective pest protection out there. Once you screw Zapville into any light socket, simply flip the switch to cycle through 3 modes:

  1. UV light lures-in mosquitoes, moths, flies, and more;
  2. Use the LED function for practical lighting purposes;
  3. Use both lights at the same time!

Once bugs get close, the 120 volt zapper fries them instantly. Best of all, Zapville doesn’t emit any chemical fumes and it’s completely safe to use around kids and pets.

Zapville “Do’s & Don’ts”

For Best Results


  • Screw Zapville into any standard light socket (Indoors & Out!)
  • Use Zapville as a regular light bulb AND a bug zapper
  • Remove gross bugs from the bulb with the included cleaning brush
  • Place in areas where flying bugs are frequently found


  • Use harsh chemical sprays containing DEET
  • Clean the device while in use
  • Allow children or pets to touch the electric grid
  • Let bugs be a nuisance

Here’s a few final tips to help you bug-free...

TIP 1:

Position Zapville away from competing light sources to zap as many flying bugs as possible

TIP 2:

Take Zapville with you on trips to keep any space bug-free

TIP 3:

When left on UV mode, Zapville doubles as an ambient night light

TIP 4:

Reach out to BugMD customer support for any and all questions!

TIP 5:

Reorder more Zapville bulbs right here, only from the official BugMD website.

TIP 6:

Check out other all-natural BugMD products like Zap Trap and Buzz Shield for extra protection.