How To use BugMD Zap Trap For Best Results!

You’re just hours away from enjoying the most convenient and effective flying insect repellent. Mosquitoes, moths, flies and more don’t stand a chance against Zap Trap. This tiny yet powerful device attracts flying bugs like a magnet… And once they get close, the 1,000-volt zapper wipes ‘em out for good.

Zap Trap “Do’s & Don’ts”

For Best Results


  • Use the handle to hang Zap Trap anywhere
  • Take Zap Trap on any and every adventure!
  • Choose from UV or LED lighting modes (you can even use both at the same time)
  • Enjoy a bug-free summer!


  • Use toxic chemical bug sprays
  • Pay for expensive exterminators
  • Insert any foreign objects through the electric grid
  • Place Zap Trap near flammable materials such as paper items or cloth

Here’s a few final tips to help MAXIMIZE your Zap Trap...

TIP 1:

Use Zap Trap with the included USB cable to enjoy hours of bug-free protection

TIP 2:

Carry AAA batteries with you on longer outdoor trips to keep the power going without a USB cable!

TIP 3:

Keep your Zap Trap in the car or in your backpack so you always have protection from flying insects

TIP 4:

Check out other BugMD products like Squito Stickers and Buzz Shield for extra protection

TIP 5:

If you don’t have AAA batteries on hand, use Zap Trap with a portable power bank

TIP 6:

Reach out to the BugMD customer service team via phone or email with any and all of your questions!