How To Use BugMD Squito Stickers For Best Results!

You’re just a step away from enjoying the safest and most effective mosquito protection out there. Mosquitoes can’t stand these patches. Each Squito Sticker is infused with a potent dose of Citronella: a powerful essential oil proven to repel mosquitoes just as well as DEET. But since it’s all-natural, Squito Stickers are 100% safe for humans and pets! Simply stick a patch anywhere in need of mosquito repellent, and enjoy 72 hours of bite-free fun.

Squito Stickers “Do’s & Don’ts”

For Best Results


  • Place Squito Stickers on clean, dry surfaces for optimal sticking strength.
  • Stick Squito Stickers onto clothing, backpacks, water bottles, hats, picnic tables, tents, outdoor furniture, or directly on your skin!
  • Use them anywhere and everywhere: around the house, at BBQs, by the pool, hiking, camping — the possibilities are endless.
  • Place on pet collars for pet-safe mosquito protection.
  • Encourage kids to choose from the 6 different cartoons in our Kid’s Collection.
  • Enjoy 72-hours of bite-free fun!


  • Use on infants 6 months of age or under.
  • Forget to replace used Squito Stickers after 72 hours.
  • Use harsh chemical sprays containing DEET.
  • Forget to reseal your Squito Sticker packaging after each use.

Here’s a few final tips to help you stay bite-free this mosquito season...

TIP 1:

Reseal your Squito Stickers packaging after each use to maintain freshness.

TIP 2:

Keep your Squito Stickers in purses, cars, backpacks, etc. for easy access to all-natural mosquito protection.

TIP 3:

Set reminders in your phone so you never forget to replace used Squito Stickers.

TIP 4:

Reorder more Squito Stickers right here, only from the official BugMD website.

TIP 5:

Use Squito Stickers alongside other all-natural BugMD products like Zap Trap and Buzz Shield for extra protection.

TIP 6:

Reach out to the BugMD customer service team via phone or email with any and all of your questions!