How To Use BugMD Solar Lantern For Best Results!

You’re about to experience the safest and most effective mosquito solution on the planet. BugMD Solar Lantern attracts and zaps “blood sucking” insects with a special UV light. The Solar Lantern can be rapidly-charged with the included USB cable or with direct sunlight. Its compact design makes it perfect for camping trips, backyard BBQs, or any other outdoor activity. Best of all, it even functions as an ultra-bright LED lantern.

How To Get Started!

BugMD Solar Lantern comes pre-charged and works immediately out of the box. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to get started:

  1. Use the included USB cable to charge your device when it runs out of battery. The cable will charge your device 2x faster than solar power
  2. Press the power button on top to activate and cycle through the 3 unique light modes
  3. Place the device wherever you need protection from mosquitoes
  4. Clean the device occasionally so it stays in tip-top shape for years to come

Solar Lantern: “Do’s & Dont's”

For Best Results


  • Keep Solar Lantern charged to enjoy 13 hours of bug-free protection
  • Use one unit per 500-1000 square feet
  • Remove collection tray and toss dead bugs in the trash
  • Enjoy around the house, at BBQs, or by the pool — the possibilities are endless.


  • Use toxic chemical bug sprays
  • Pay for expensive exterminators
  • Clean the device while in use
  • Suffer from bug bites this summer and beyond

6 tips for staying bite-free this season...

TIP 1:

Position Solar Lantern away from competing light sources to zap as many mosquitoes as possible

TIP 2:

Solar Lantern works incredibly well indoors, too. Pick up an extra unit or two to keep your home bug-free

TIP 3:

Keep your Solar Lantern in your car, backpack, etc. for quick mosquito protection anywhere you go.

TIP 4:

Solar Lantern comes with a convenient hanger for fast and easy placement.

TIP 5:

Reorder more Solar Lanterns right here, only from the official BugMD website.

TIP 6:

Check out other BugMD products like Buzz Shield and Squito Stickers for extra protection