How To use BugMD Pest Detect For Best Result!

You’re just a step away from enjoying the most effective mosquito protection around. BugMD Pest Detect attracts these annoying “blood suckers” with irresistible UV light and shocks them to high heaven. It takes a minute to install and gets right to work keeping your family safe. Best of all, this genius device is solar-powered — so it provides all-night protection without hiking up your electricity bill.

Pest Detect “Do’s & Don'ts”

For Best Results


  • Install Pest Detect in a sunlit area to charge with ease
  • Use the 3M sticky patch to attach Pest Detect onto any surface
  • Remove dead mosquitoes from Pest Detect whenever it’s full with the included cleaning brush
  • Enjoy a lifetime of mosquito-free nights!


  • Pay for expensive exterminators
  • Use harsh chemical bug sprays containing DEET
  • Allow children or pets to touch the electric cage
  • Install Pest Detect near any flammable materials like paper or fabrics

Here’s a few final tips to help you stay bite-free this mosquito season…

TIP 1:

Keep a spare, fully-charged Pest Detect in backpacks, purses, and cars for on-the-go mosquito protection

TIP 2:

Make sure to charge Pest Detect in direct sunlight every morning

TIP 3:

Keep your Pest Detect clean to ensure proper effectiveness

TIP 4:

Plan out where your hang Pest Detect — the right location can make all the difference

TIP 5:

Beef up your protection with more Pest Detect right here, only from the official BugMD website

TIP 6:

Check out other all BugMD products like Squito Stickers and Buzz Shield for extra protection