How To Use BugMD Pantry Pest Patrol For Best Results!

You’re just a step away from kicking moths out of your kitchen pantry for good. BugMD Pantry Pest Patrol uses irresistible pheromones to lure moths inside an escape-proof trap lined with super-sticky PermaGlue. Problem solved! Best of all, the genius traps instantly go to work without any chemicals, pesticides, or toxic fumes.

BugMD Pantry Pest Patrol “Do’s & Don’ts”

For Best Result


  • Place Pantry Pest Patrol on a shelf in your pantry.
  • Check the trap for dead moths at the end of each day
  • Toss the trap in the trash when it’s full of deceased moths
  • Keep replacing the traps until you don’t see any moths left


  • Use toxic chemicals or sprays — especially around food
  • Pay for expensive exterminators
  • Remove Pantry Pest Patrol too soon
  • Forget to replace used moth traps when they’re full

Here are some final tips to quickly clear a pantry moth infestation...

TIP 1:

Place Pantry Pest Patrol in the infested area as soon as possible

TIP 2:

Leave traps alone until they’re completely full — then toss them right away

TIP 3:

Feel free to use in every food storage space — cabinet, cupboard, drawer, and more.

TIP 4:

Discard moth-infested dry foods immediately.

TIP 5:

Stock up on Pantry Pest Patrol right here, in case any groceries you bring home contain larvae

TIP 6:

Check out other BugMD products like Closet Moth Traps and No Fly Zone for extra protection