How To Use No Fly Zone For Best Results!

Well, you’re just one step away! BugMD No Fly Zone lures and traps flies, mosquitos, gnats, moths, and other flying bugs. Plus, the sleek design hides deceased insects from sight.

BugMD No Fly Zone “Do’s & Don’ts”

For Best Results


  • Set-up in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or other problem areas
  • Plug into any standard outlet
  • Make sure the trap’s sticky side faces the wall
  • Toss the sticky trap in the trash when it’s full of deceased bugs


  • Use chemical-loaded insect sprays
  • Use store-bought fly traps that expose disgusting expired bugs
  • Pay for pricey exterminators
  • Forget to replace used traps when they’re full

Here are some final tips to wipe-out mosquitos, flies, gnats, and more…

TIP 1:

Place BugMD No Fly Zone wherever you often see flying insects.

TIP 2:

Leave traps alone until they’re completely full — then promptly replace them.

TIP 3:

For hassle-free trap removal: simply fold the two adhesive sides together to seal deceased bugs in, then toss!

TIP 4:

Feel free to use in areas shared by kids and pets.

TIP 5:

Stock-up on BugMD No Fly Zone Traps right here, so your home is always equipped with additional insect defense.

TIP 6:

Check out other BugMD solutions like Bar Fly and Pest Detect for extra protection.