How To Use BugMD’s Closet Moth Traps For Best Results!

Well, you’re just one step away! BugMD Closet Moth Traps use irresistible pheromones to lure moths and permanently trap them in ultra-sticky PermaGlue. Plus, they’re designed to handle moths at every life stage — from larvae to adults. Best of all, these traps work instantly without any chemicals, pesticides, or toxic fumes.

What Are Closet Moths?

Closet moths are common household pests that feed on the fabric of clothing, carpets, rugs, and furniture. However, there are two species that love chomping on your belongings the most:

  Tineola Pellionella: silver-grey spotted   moths

Tineola Bisselliella: gold-brown spotted moths

Closet moths can cause serious damage to your wardrobe and other valuables. But don’t worry, wiping-out an infestation is quick and easy with BugMD Closet Moth Traps. Here are some tips to MAXIMIZE your results:

BugMD Closet Moth Traps “Do’s & Don'ts”

For Best Results


  • Hang or place the BugMD Closet Moth Trap at the heart of the infestation
  • Check the trap for dead moths at the end of each day
  • Toss the trap in the trash when it’s full of deceased moths
  • Keep replacing the traps until you don’t see any moths left


  • Use chemical-loaded mothballs
  • Pay for pricey exterminators
  • Remove BugMD Closet Moth traps too soon
  • Forget to replace used moth traps when they’re full

Here are some final tips to clear a closet moth infestation fast…

TIP 1:

Place BugMD Closet Moth Traps in the infested area as soon as possible.

TIP 2:

Leave traps alone until they’re completely full — then promptly replace them.

TIP 3:

Feel free to use in areas shared by kids and pets.

TIP 4:

Check closets, carpets, and other dark, humid places for moths often.

TIP 5:

Stock up on BugMD Closet Moth Traps right here, in case the insects return later in the year.

TIP 6:

Check out other all-natural BugMD products like Pantry Pest Patrol and No Fly Zone for extra protection.