How To Use BugMD BarFly For Best Results!

You’re just a step away from kicking flying insects to the curb once-and-for-all. BarFly protects your home by luring these winged pests into a V-shaped trap coated in extra sticky PermaGlue. The moment they land inside — it’s game over. Best of all, its sleek and stealthy design perfectly hides the deceased insects from sight. No chemicals. No mess. No more bug problem!

BarFly Dos & Don’ts

For Best Result


  • Pick an area where flies like to hang out and attach BarFly to the closest window
  • Remove the safety film from the adhesive strip and place it inside the tray
  • Make sure the sticky side is facing up
  • When a trap fills up with deceased bugs, simply fold the two adhesive sides together, and toss in the trash
  • Place a fresh “sticky strip” inside the tray to enjoy continuous protection from nasty flies, gnats, and more!


  • Use toxic chemical bug sprays
  • Pay for expensive exterminators
  • Expose BarFly to rain or splashing water
  • Forget to replace used BarFly sticky traps after 72 hours
  • Hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about BarFly

Here are a few more tips to protect your home from annoying flying insects:

TIP 1:

Use more units in larger rooms to ensure full coverage from pesky bugs

TIP 2:

Flies can’t resist the smell of food, so use 1 BarFly on every single window in your kitchen or dining area to increase protection.

TIP 3:

Check well-lit windows for flies, gnats, and other flying bugs often.

TIP 4:

BarFly goes to work eliminating insects fast! However, it’s best to set a reminder to replace the sticky traps every 3 days for maximum effectiveness.

TIP 5:

Save time and money by having BarFly sticky traps automatically delivered to your doorstep every month right here.

TIP 6:

Check out other BugMD products like ZapTrap, No Fly Zone, and Pest Trapper for extra protection!