How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast & Permanently

When you lie down in bed each night, the last thing you want to think about is bed bugs.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are very common.

In fact, one out of five Americans has had a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has experienced bed bugs.

What Attracts Bed Bugs to Your Home?

With that in mind, here are a few main causes of bed bugs:

  • Purchasing used furniture and bringing it into the home. Bed bugs can enter your space via luggage, purses, backpacks, used couches, and more.
  • Cross-contamination in a multi-unit environment. Bed bugs can travel between rooms in apartment complexes and hotels.
  • Contamination from a hotel, resort, or hostel. Bed bugs may get into your clothing or luggage and come home with you.
  • New people staying in your home. Guests may come to stay at your home, bringing bed bugs with them without knowing.

The Best Bed Bug Solutions Are Arleady Here

Essential Pest Concentrate

With everything you need to get rid of fleas fast, BugMD’s Essential Pest Concentrate Starter Kit makes slaying fleas a breeze. Powerful clove & cottonseed essential oils kill fleas on contact. Plus, since it’s all-natural, it’s safe to use around kids & pets.

Essential Pest Concentrate Spray Bottle (Empty)

This spray bottle is the perfect partner for Essential Pest Concentrate. Plus, it’s built to last!

Termination Station

Termination Station is one of the easiest ways to reclaim your home from nasty fleas. This sneaky dome uses a powerful combination of light and heat to bait fleas and other pests inside. Once they enter, a super-sticky PermaGlue trap makes it virtually impossible for them to escape.

Pest Blaster Kit

Target the places fleas love most with Pest Blaster. Using two of mother nature’s strongest essential oil pesticides and a powerful spray nozzle, Pest Blaster is perfect for those hard-to-reach places. Best of all, the formula inside roasts fleas on contact and is perfectly safe to use around kids & pets.

Termination Station Refill Pack

Keep the flea catching going with Termination Station refills. These ultra-sticky PermaGlue pads fit perfectly inside the durable dome of Termination Station. Each pad easily traps fleas and other pests like ticks, mites, roaches, and more..

The Bed Bug Traps

Detect Bed Bugs Early With This Clever “Trap & Detect” Device ✔ Convenient Det...

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I'm so, so, so, so glad I finally found something that works!!! We had so many different bugs coming into the house and ants getting into our food. It was getting frustrating having to deal with clean ups every day and throwing out food that was infested. Thank you so much for this product!

Rose H. - Verified Buyer

This solution works. I lavishly sprayed this diluted product as prescribed. I have not seen one insect since spraying the product over and throughout my kitchen. All family members agree, not one insect has been seen in our kitchen. This product works well!!

Kady K. - Verified Buyer

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